about me

Paweł Biarda from Poland - Toruń . Since 1995, active photographer, working for many companies and publications. In 2001-2007, the university archaeological expedition photographer Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun. Today works for photography workshops and courses BiN KF Toruń. Favorite subjects in photography is photoreport,  travel photo, portrait, landscape and the most important... aviation. Author of photographic exhibitions: 2007 - Painted Sounds , 2011 - Bajkal. Winner of the first prize in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Press Photo 2020 competition in the reportage category.

He is the author of footage in commercials and films noncommercial in Fireflies Films.

Glider pilot of Pomeranian Aeroclub in Torun. Alpine skiing instructor. Big fun of Formula 1 and asian cuisine. Today is a  freelancer.


Photogrpahy is my passion and aviation is my life.
Yours is the sky and my is time, when I look at you..

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